Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday Sales Pitch

OK So last week I spoke on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This week we are going to move on to a listing of some interactive Twitter sites.

First off a GREAT article Done by CraftyGaGal called How to gather and Track Statistics on Links You Tweet on Twitter, gives alot of great tips and talks about Hootsuite. This is a program I personally use for my twitter account. Not to mention you can have more then one twitter account with it and just click back and forth in between them.

Anywho though I think I have gotten off subject.

Some of the best links are as follows: lets you see how well you are doing on Twitter This is a great tool to use when looking for people with same interests and stuff. Other people will help get your tweet spread out to ppl who may be of interest but are not yet following you. This works VERY well, as long as you do the same! It goes on a points system. This is something new that you can toy with. I haven't fully figured it out yet! This is great for if you have complete strangers wanting to follow you! This way you can know for sure they are not bots.

Now on a side note! If you wanna make some spare change with your twitter as well! Try a cpl of these!!


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So NowI leave it up to you! Get onto the group at and let us know IF you tweet, and if you tweet what is your username and also tell us what you think it does for your business.

Lets get some communication going here.

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