Sunday, November 29, 2009

Todays Kudo's goes too......

As much as I'm trying to learn everyone's shop names and what there products look like you have to admit there's a lot of us. So what I am TRYING to do now is when I recognize someone on the front page or in the "Etsy finds" or even gift guides as I peruse through! I am going to make a Kudo's in honor of them. Starting with today's.

Today I would like to give kudos too She's Batty Designs for getting into the Etsy Finds email. I have actually seen this card several times this month.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday Sales Pitch

OK So last week I spoke on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This week we are going to move on to a listing of some interactive Twitter sites.

First off a GREAT article Done by CraftyGaGal called How to gather and Track Statistics on Links You Tweet on Twitter, gives alot of great tips and talks about Hootsuite. This is a program I personally use for my twitter account. Not to mention you can have more then one twitter account with it and just click back and forth in between them.

Anywho though I think I have gotten off subject.

Some of the best links are as follows: lets you see how well you are doing on Twitter This is a great tool to use when looking for people with same interests and stuff. Other people will help get your tweet spread out to ppl who may be of interest but are not yet following you. This works VERY well, as long as you do the same! It goes on a points system. This is something new that you can toy with. I haven't fully figured it out yet! This is great for if you have complete strangers wanting to follow you! This way you can know for sure they are not bots.

Now on a side note! If you wanna make some spare change with your twitter as well! Try a cpl of these!!


SponsoredTweets referral badge

So NowI leave it up to you! Get onto the group at and let us know IF you tweet, and if you tweet what is your username and also tell us what you think it does for your business.

Lets get some communication going here.

Friday, November 13, 2009

London Potters Guild - Fall Show and Sale

Hey everyone just a quick announcement that was sent to me by Jessie of Mamitosami

Please join usLondon Potters Guild Fall 2009 Show and Sale!!!

More than 30 potters from Southwestern Ontario will be displaying and selling both functional and sculptural pottery.

With thousands of beautiful and professional pieces, there is something for everyone!

Meet the potters, enjoy demonstrations and take home some pottery.

Friday, November 27, 6-9
Saturday, November 28, 10-5
Sunday, November 29, 11-4

We are proud to welcome you to the new home of the London Potters Guild,

the London Clay Art Centre at 664 Dundas Street, London, ON

Your $2 admission fee qualifies you for door prizes.

Treat yourself and a friend!Enjoy the Fall 2009 Show & Sale for the price of one admission ($2)

Print this email and present it at the door. (no cash value)

(If you would like the email I can forward it to you for the savings)

Saturday Sales Pitch

I wanted to start a weekly promotional teaching with articles I or you find particularly helpful. This week I would like to start with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Obviously this is one of the more important lines of promotion, because it involves getting your brand out there-in the search engines and hopefully the goal is to get it at the top of the list for your specific keywords.

Now I'm surely NOT an expert at all, but that's why the new "Saturday Sales Pitch" articles are going to be so important to us, not to mention enlightening (hopefully!)

So without further ado!..... This article has been taken from Jarrett Holmes blog post called "Search Engine Optomization Marketing Tips"

S.E.O. or search engine optimization is crucial to your websites success. The better you do it, the more hits you’ll get. There are many aspects involved. I won’t get into all of them, but I’ll share with you some great things that I have learned from very successful online marketers and you may do the research and reading on your own.

Things to learn, study, and execute on your websites are keywords, metatags, backlinks, anchor text, URL’s, keywords in the URL and quality content and services on your site, just to name a few. I am just a beginner, but I have learned a lot in the last year on search engine optimization.

Here are a few of my learned experiences:

1) Put your keywords in the title of your article or post

2) After you do your keyword research, put keywords through out your post at least 5-8 times

3) Use clickable (keyword rich) anchor text at all times, not a regular website .com link.

4) Link to lots of other major sites, especially when they are subject compatible to your post. You may also ask them to link to your site for additional backlinks.

5) Use All-In-One SEO Pack on your Wordpress blog or Google SEO Tools for your website.

6) Do your keyword research first before you post and follow the experts and what they teach and do.

7) Bookmark your posts with OnlyWire! Very important.

8) Don’t just write. Post videos and audio too (Podcast)!

9) Use TrafficGeyser to absolutely explode your content all over the net! Do it now!

10) Submit your articles with the #1 Mass Submitter and Article Spinner Automatic Article Submitter.

There are many great teachers on S.E.O. and P.P.C. or Pay-Per-Click marketing online. The most well known teacher is Perry Marshall. He created the 2009 and now the 2010 Adwords Definitive Guide Early Bird. He also made the Definitive Guide to Adwords, Guerilla Marketing System and his Adwords Course.

The other world-class creator of the greatest Search Engine Optimization software and information products I have ever seen is Brad Callen. Check out the #1 S.E.O. Tools on earth Keyword Elite 2.0 and SEO Elite 4.0..

I recently signed up for Jeremy Shoemaker’s 12 Week Internet Marketing course and must say it is amazing! it’s FREE and you can sign up at His regular website is I also referenced his great site in my earlier blog post. His 12-week course on Internet Marketing is the best I have ever seen and is an unbelievable value and it’s completely FREE! Thank you Jeremy for a fantastic course and all your kick ass blog posts as well. It was nice meeting you in Denver at Affiliate Summit and hearing you speak.

Here are some of the best Free Tools I have found and used:

AdWords Wrapper: Free AdWords Tool

Wordtracker is another fantastic tool to do your keyword research.

Here is a great Keyword Suggestion Tool.

I love the Google Keyword Tool Box

Then there is the almighty Google Search-Based Keyword Tool

The main one I also use is the Google AdWords Keyword Tool

S.E.O. is an ongoing learning lesson. You will continually get better as you learn more, adapt and gain the experience necessary to improve through ACTION. Experience will teach you the most and you should never stop learning. No matter what your knowledge level, the more you learn, the more income you will make. The most experienced and prosperous people I have met in Internet Marketing are continuous learners with an insatiable appetite for knowledge on the subject. Successful marketing techniques are always changing also with the market and the industry and you have to continually grow and adapt with those changes, or get left behind.

I hope these tools will help you propel your online exposure for your businesses into the stratosphere! -Jarrett

Well That is all for this lovely Saturday, I hope you learned something just like I did.